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The Truth And The Why Behind 2012
"Atlantean Prophesy and The Return of Connectedness"

This is the first video excerpt from my book The truth and why behind 2012 Atlantis and the return to Connectedness. Part 1 explains the why behind the need to have earth changes and speaks about the 7 Races that seeded the first civilization of Atlantis

The written book excerpt is noted below...

Why Earth Changes?


    Think of your
    self as an extension of Gaia, every thought that you have permeates in the skin of Gaia. Thoughts are cumulating in the skin of Gaia each and every day. When there is enough thought the thought begins to manifest as physical presence. Your land mass is effective by thought. Your world has never known a time when there was no war, no hardship and no pain. Your people cry out to their governments for help, but yet help seldom comes. All the pain and suffering from the people on your planet is cumulative and has manifested as a cancer on the body and within the blood of Gaia. Gaia is a beautiful being, desirous to evolve, and as such must cleanse herself of the negative thoughts that have accumulative over centuries of civil unrest and human discord. The systems and structures your societies have created, breeds fear into the populous and was designed to limit you and keep you busy, never finding the door way to your true higher consciousness. Always, through fear, judgment and restriction they replace the desires and inspirations of the people with the expectation of the government. Thus, the expectation creates the mechanism for the control of the masses.  These actions do not serve the highest interest of your cosmic soul’s purpose or the divine plan set forth by your creator so they will fail.  

    Purpose of Earth Changes:

    Over the millennium, the war lords have come to undermine the peace and tranquility of your natural being-ness.  They have slowly corrupted the natural flow of things and have created societies that are based on the accumulation of wealth and limit any advancement of the soul.  Your earth changes will free you from this as the old systems begin to break away under their insatiable greed.  This will create an opportunity to usher in a new way of being-ness, by living life in a state of joy, choosing balance over chaos and consciously sharing all things with the Divine Creator. A new lifestyle with its central principle foundation based in love, joy and understanding where the soul’s sole purpose of life is to live in harmony with your creator, where the society above all provides the pathway for the soul to experience and evolve.  This is the purpose of your earth changes.

    Open To The New Teacher In You:

    Part of your quest during these times is to be the bearers of light that you were designed to be. It is your nature to love, it is your nature to support, it is your nature to share, it is your nature to evolve and expand your consciousness.  During these turbulent times, we ask you to remember who you are, we ask you to bring back the memories of the early days of Atlantis when all was in divine order, we ask you to remember and bring forth the images that are stored deep in your cellular memory.   You are the great healers, the artisans and architects, and musicians of that time.  Hold your light my dear souls and prepare your brethren for the experiences that are unfolding.  Explain to them this is a time of rebirth and soul transference.  Give them the wisdom of your light to help move them through their uncertainty so they came remember the unlimited beings they truly are.

    Awaken The Soul:

    It is important that parts of your day be spent in a state of thankfulness and silence. Here is where the memories will rush back to you; here is where the healing and strengthening of your physical and spiritual fiber becomes resolved.  Practice the ways of the Atlantinean’s and you will open to the gifts of old.  In your meditations, ask Gaia to release to you the ancient truths of Atlantis that are stored deep in cataclysms of your planet.  All of you have this knowledge encoded in your DNA. It was never lost.  The time is at hand, the time is now, the time unrestricted.  Do not fear these earth changes but welcome them as the liberation of your soul’s essence.  For the truth be known they are the keys to your awakening and so it is.

    In The Beginning:

    Creator was desirous to experience something new since Creator was unlimited and knew no boundary creator wanted to experience what it would be to perceive limitation.  So Creator extended parts of itself into what you know as localized souls.  Each soul having a counterpart in the essence of Creator.  The souls were now free to experience the cosmos with free choice from a perspective of self identify which never existed before. It was truly a grand experiment.  Some souls choose to explore certain subtle vibrations called the 'Higher Realms'. Others choose to play in the world of 'Form'.  The angels were created out of absolute love of the Creator.  The Creator gifted the souls or points of light with angels to help them remember who they really were, to be with them in all times, to help them through there uncertainty and to celebrate the great being-ness of the one source that gave them the precious gift of life.  Some points of consciousness became enchanted with the world of Form and began to project there light playing, creating and becoming form.

    The War Between Dark and Light:

    There came a time in your past when a group of souls began to entertain the concept of separateness.  This group began to project themselves into a variety of forms.  They began to see themselves separate from Prime Source always moving farther away from the light.  Over time these souls became addictive to power, lust, greed and control.  They desired to experience more of the darkness and this became their guiding way. They believe through separatism they could transcend above the power of creation itself.  Over the millenniums these soul's became known as Galactic War Lords.  They became quite adept at creating social systems designed to restrict, limit and enslave unsuspecting societies.  They were very patient. As sometimes it would take thousands of years to infiltrate a society and turn them away from the light. The result was always the same. War, famine, enslavement and plagues for all souls concerned.  When all seem hopeless the War Lords would return to the people and give more doctrine in the form of elitist religions to keep the theme of separatism alive and well.  As long as the societies saw the differences between cultures and not the similarities, war was inevitable.  As a result of all this the War Lords became masters of deception and fear. It is this their belief that has become the duality that exists on your planet today.

    The Beginning Of The First Altantis:

    There was a thought that reach the heart of God and the thought was without fear and filled with love. There was a desire by a group of souls to experience God in a new and more complete way. This way would allow the higher dimensions to experience emotion and the lower dimensions to experience the loving bliss of the heavenly realms. So a plan was put forth by the souls and the Council of 9. The plan called forth the return of earth to oneness. The plan was simple. The volunteer souls would incarnate on earth and create a culture that honored the sacred in all things. A place where the land, the plants, the animal and people would experience the connectedness of life, and see God in all things. A place that celebrated the divine principle of “oneness” where love, beauty and harmony were given and received freely as an expression of the abundance of life. A society that honored the evolution of the soul and the beauty of God in all things. And so it was the first group of souls arrived onto the island continent. They came from 7 different stars races each bringing with them a precious unique gift of life, love and wisdom. The 7 great races were the Pleiades, Hathors, Elderons, Siriens, Arturians, Andromedians and Orions.

    In the next chapter I will speak about the beautiful and unique gifts each race gave...

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