Wanda F. of Orlando, FL

Dear Terra Hope
I wanted to take this time and thank you for your very informative reading. I have to admit that I was a little hesitant at first, which I usually am when I visit a particular psychic for the time. It is that little skeptical side of me. I went into the reading thinking that you were going to tell me when I was going to sell my house......if my son would pass Kindergarten, etc. Needless to say, your reading was so much more informative. I feel like I was given information to cure my disease instead of treat the symptoms, so to speak.  I was given information to help expand my awareness of who I was and what  my purpose was in life. Your reading was so in-depth and deep that it helped me to see ways to use my creativity to get rid of my low self-esteem and thereby bring out my son's confidence at the same time. Your reading helped me to see patterns in my life and things that I needed to change with relationships, my family and myself. I see my soul in a totally different light now. Thank You!

P.S. Your reading affected me deeply, I started to focus on the areas in my life you had mentioned. I meditated and got in touch with my spirit house sold in a week. It was obvious I was going about everything backwards.

May God bless you!!!!


Alvin F. from Lake Mary, FL

Thank you for the enlightening session that we had. I have visited many psychics in my life, and your readings were by far the most revealing that I have ever encountered. The wisdom that I learned through the higher beings was incredibly valuable. Your session gave me an insight to my psyche, so deep that I never even realized the truth because of my own ego. I will highly recommend you to any of my friends that need direction and guidance in their life. Thank You

Fred D. from Ormond Beach, FL

I just wanted to let you know that I found our session very informative this past Saturday. I realize that you have many visitors and that you may not recall who I am. My name is Fred and I am from Ormond Beach.In my lifetime, I have visited approximately four other intuitive readers and I believe you are the fifth one I have been to.

You are the only male that I have had a reading from and I must say that I was very surprised at the energy level that was manifested and of the information that was brought forth. I believe that much of the information that was brought forth is exactly right and I feel that I only have part of the solution. I know that I am closed in some areas that vastly affects me in the use of all of my abilities. Unless all of my abilities are completely closed, which I doubt, I do feel that we have established a rapport and that you may be able to assist me in moving forward. Thank You TerraHope

Evonne From Ohio

Dear TerraHope, thank you for sharing your God given gifts that they may impact me so that I can make choices that keep me on my life path to fulfill my purpose during this lifetime! I am grateful for your life of giving light, and love. Many blessings.

David From Orlando, FL.

This was my second reading with TerraHope. I came back to see where my life path is heading. His first reading was 100% accurate. He foretold things about me that happened in full. I wanted to find out what the universe had in store for me next. His reading helped me clarify the next steps in my life . Thank you TerraHope for sharing your gift with me . Blessings.

Meg From Melbourne , FL.

This was the most authentic, probing experience that I have ever had. TerraHope is a gentle guide on this journey- speaking in truth and love. He reached in and for that short time I felt that I was no longer a stranger but a friend. I feel wiser for the experience I know I understand my life's  journey in a clearer way . Thank you for sharing your gift. Namaste.

Chantelle From Tampa, FL.

Dear TerraHope.

Today you read my soul and brought a tear to my eyes. I now understand what I need to do with my life. I can not thank you enough! Blessings.

Jennifer O. From Orlando FL.

Dear TerraHope my experience with you today was of the  utmost concern you had for me.

My questions fears, hope and future were answered in a way that made me have the courage to change. May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hands and the rewards he will give you. You have a heart as big as all out doors ... always Jennifer.

Luda From New York.

Dear TerraHope what a wonderful blessing it has been for me to have had the opportunity to meet you .My life has already been enriched with just a short visit .Thank you for the love, light and safety that you provide. I pray for many blessings to come to you and Elizabeth. Shine on!!  Love always P.S. thanks for giving Jeff a safe place and helping him! God Bless

Alice J. from Ormond Beach, FL

Dear TerraHope I sensed your warmth and God Intuitive Spirit when I walked into your room and experienced your sacred space.  Our connection was genuine and that created safety for my busy conscious mind and thoughts. I was willing to feel safe and my experience was revealing and enlightening.  I affirmed what I really knew about myself. I am a loving compassion human being experiencing my ministry in a very powerful authentic way.  Shouting hmm hmm - a children's book delights me thank you so very much.  Namaste

Barbara C. from Plant City, FL

I have worked with energies for 30 years. Terra Hope works with the highest ones.  It is the calmest and purest I have ever experienced before.  His loving ways touch the main issues and give the roadways through them.  All who sit with this Being of Love will be touched deep in their hearts.  Bless you Terra Hope for bringing so much love to so many.

Barbara B. from Apopka, FL

How can I begin to put on paper the experience of a lifetime I have just been part of.  I finally understand what life is all about and why I am here.  God's spirit is very strong in Terra Hope- You can trust the messages as "Heaven sent". My life has been changed forever and because of the new insights I have gained, God will be able to use me to touch many lives for the better.  Thank You

Bill S. from Saratoga, FL

I knew once I looked into your eyes that you were genuine.  I know that nothing happens by accident and I know that I was led to your help.  All you channeling of Lord Michael and St. Germain was so honest and true and gave me the answers that I needed.  All the things you said regarding me and how I feel of myself was right on the mark.  You have (and the Angels/Spirits) given me the confidence to more forward in my truth.  I am not sure how I will do this but I know that I will be shown how.  I will start listening to the inner voice that gives me the answers I need.  Thank you for the kindness and love that you have given me.  I thank you and will always be in your service.  With Love and gratitude your brother in spirit Bill.

Luis M. from Fort Lauderdale, FL 

I'm very happy with your channeling Phone Reading 3 days ago, it was the most peaceful, loving and truthful messages I ever had. Congratulations for your wonderful work to the human-beings hopefully, we can meet one day with you and Elizabeth we'll de looking forward to meet you.

About the book about the medical intuitive I'm going to look for it and read it.

When I get the tape I'll call you after I listen to it few times. Thank-you and keep that beautiful work bringing so much light to this earth.

Dee S. from Charleston WV

I entered feeling lost and confused- focused on the illusion of being "required" to DO - the Masters my friends reminded me of my progress, acknowledged my growth and directed me to follow my joy - stay in the moment - and let the light of my ascension be my gift to me and to the world.  My questions were answered in the clarity of simplicity... and I exit in Peace 


Amanda L from Malibu, CA

Thank you Terra Hope for your words of wisdom and guidance they are greatly appreciated.  I have been reconnecting with the beauty and spirit that is this beautiful land out here...hikes in the mountains and long walks on the beach. The other night I returned to an Indian sweat lodge ceremony that I had abandoned but not forgotten, run by an Indian by the name of Wolf on a very sacred land up in the mountains overlooking Malibu.  A very powerful form of prayer and medicine, I was so happy to be back there after 3+ years away. 

I feel very blessed right now in the now peace and blessings. May all beings be happy Namaste

Teddy from Santa Fe, New Mexico

  Thank you for starting me on a new path in my life. I listen to the tape and look forward to our next visit to you.   I have a friend in Taos, NM by the name of Whitehawk Caddy, we both want to know if you do telephone sessions.   My husband has passed all of his test and back on the road to a normal life. My reflexology company has started with a hopeful future.  My husband has been  telling me many of things you shared with me all our married life - but hearing them from stranger  made me sit  up and practice.  Thank you again and look forward to hearing from you

Dee-Anne S from Sarasota, FL

Thank you so much for sharing your gift with me.  I can't begin to describe the wonderfully intense and positive help that has been provided to me through your ability to communicate with my guides and angels.  It has made a profound difference in my life or it will if I heed their advice and "Walk the Walk" God Bless.

Andrea from Longwood, FL

I just wanted to say  hi and thank you for the wonderful time we spent together yesterday.  I already feel better.  This morning I promised myself to do all the changes, to start enjoying my life and take time for myself. ( little by little everyday)  I'm very  happy  I got to meet you before you go, I feel like I've known you from long long time and you are always going to stay in my heart.  I really hope to see you when I go to Sedona.  Good bye for now and have a wonderful day.

Kathleen C. from Orlando, Fl

What a gift! No matter what question is asked, we are given the knowledge we are supposed to have.  How wonderful to meet you both and to share a portion of our journey. thank you

Lourdes D. from NY

My reading with Terra Hope helped me to get in touch with myself and it was a great experience.  I learned a lot from him.  He was a great help to me.  His words will help me go farther in life.  I will always remember this day at Cassadaga with Terra Hope.  God Bless always.

Kathleen Q. from Orlando, FL

Terra I hope that you and your wonderful lady visit me in Orlando. You were both an inspiration to my personal growth!

Your channel was a path of my channel and a gift to me and who then I touch in my life and spirit in my massage work. I am the lamb that shall gracefully walk the earth and it will widen as I walk slowly into new pasture's in the knowing that I am, who I am and now must go out and not worried about how to do the things I love, just do and be joyous in my work and PLAY time, which you have shown me and I already did know that this was the lack in my life.  God bless you both.  And keep in touch...I think if you need anything, I would be the one you should feel free to call...Your both such lovely people..

Your  touch of the spirit was all I felt and the gift you have should be recognized in the MEDICAL FIELD!...And it is....... Thank you.

Erica R. Orlando, FL

The reading I experienced today with Terra Hope was one the best I've ever had.  He really connected with me and explained things to me in a way that I could really understand.  I would definitely come again.

Donna S. from Orlando, FL

I hope your hand is feeling better - I enjoyed meeting with you on Saturday, you were all I had hoped for. I will try and do what my guardian angels and spirit wants of me, but sometimes it's hard when the one you love is taken from you for no reason that I can understand right now although I know I must continue I look for someone like you on earth to guide me - let me know where you go as I definitely want to see you again.

Doreen P. Sanford, FL

The warmth and understanding through the angels and Terra Hope was such a cleansing and lovely feeling.  I felt my purpose fully.  A wonderful experience!

Debbie P. Orlando FL

The reading was what I was hoping for in a unique way.  It was a kind and caring environment that was appreciated.  This was an accurate and detailed reading.

Michelle F. from Apopka 

An Exhilarating experience! I could not have asked for more out of this reading. I got more than what I expected.  I'll definitely coming back.  Thank you So much.

Debbie from Daytona, Fl

I truly enjoyed the reading I got from Terra Hope.  A very angelic spirit individual. I was amazed that He brought out 2 important issues in my life, one on a health matter and how to overcome it and the other with my Godchild. Very impressed and would Love to come back for more readings I feel I met a real angel. Thank You so much. Debbie

Joe M. from Minnesota

Hi Terra,
Something extraordinarily profound happened to me as a
result of the time we spent together while you were channeling. It's already
affecting great change in my life. I feel a very deep connection with you.

And I've enjoyed the brief time we've spent together talking at your home, in
the car, walking around a bit in town between your office and your home. Same
goes with Elizabeth...Keep on smiling and loving life!  Thanks Joe!

Sheryl P. from Lake Mary, FL

Thank you for the timely insights you've imparted me today. "Pieces to my puzzle I call them.  You have given me tools for growth that I will use in my spiritual pursuits. Thank You So much. 

Vivika O. from Minneapolis, MN

Thank you so much for my Reading it was wonderful!  I am not sure how to describe it.  It felt like talking to someone I have know for a long time.  I was very comfortable.  Leaving my reading was like having my black clouds removed.  I can see the light at the end of my tunnel.  I wish I could send all my friends here!  Thank you very much

Sheena from Deltona, Fl

Just want to thank you for helping me discover more about my life and my spirituality and helping me confirm what I already knew inside my heart.  The message I received from the other side impacted me so much I am a completely different person.  

I was in such a high state of bliss and contentment that I had a hard time coping with the fact that I have a life here on earth still and I still need to address that.  I feel "back" in my body now, but after my experience speaking with St. Germain I did not want to leave the angelic realm.

I want to definitely learn more about the gifts I have and use them to help others.

Thank you so much and I don't think you will ever realize how much the experience that I shared with you and my angels has touched my heart forever.

Love always

Andrea from Daytona, FL

I feel that the reading was really great. He was in tune with my feeling. He knew about things that no one else knew . He told me what to focus on to make my life better I would highly recommend getting a reading from him. Thank You I'll be back. Andrea

Nikki from Miami Beach, FL

I don't know Spanish--- YET.  This is your friend Nikki,  I met you on mothers day. We had a great conversation where I cried and you smiled a lot. How are you doing? Good I hope.  The purpose of this little greeting is to thank you for your kind words and inspiration. I was in need of a real good pep talk.  Also wanted to say that I feel... how should I put this.. I feel older. :)  But in the best way.  What else, I am on my way to taking Massage Therapy course ( 1year) .  Something inspired me!!??  I'm good with my hands, so I've been told.  I haven't started meditation classes yet. But I practice what I know at home for now. I'm off to a good start.!! Keep Smiling!

Jean B. from Melbourne, Fl

I had a very positive expression of energy and a very in depth spirit reading and contact with my soul's light.  My deepest heart's questions were answered fully.

Jo Anne L. from New York City, NY

Hi Terra,

How are you?  I'm so glad you wrote to me.  I made it home ok, thank God.  My plane was late just an hour and a half (considering the weather here).  I felt like writing to you to tell you what I've been up to.  I found a Reiki school here.  I went for a group meditation/healing circle tonight.  It was great.  I signed up for an intro course that takes place this weekend.

Thank you so much for the reading.  It was the best one I ever had.  I know I didn't tell you this then, but I felt a wave of love emanating from you when you were channeling.  I'll keep you posted on my progress.

Love & Peace

Bonnie C. from Orlando, Fl

Thank you so much for your ability and insight.  You made my day and gave me a lot of tools to help me love myself.  God Bless!  Bonnie

Beverly P. from Ormond Beach, FL

My reading was a very moving and enlightening experience.  I hope to follow my angel's advice and pursue their thoughts.  Thank you for some wonderful thoughts and dreams.

Eva B.  from New Smyrna Beach, FL

I had a wonderful experience and learned amazing things about myself that I had not dreamed where possible. I am leaving here with a complete different outlook towards my future. This will probably change my life from here on out . 

Thank You again I will keep in touch and will visit again. Eva B.

Kate M from Minnesota

A few hours after the read................
I just wanted to thank you again for all of the information that came
through you and with you today.  I am blown away and feel energized and empowered.  I think after the session I was too stunned to say much! I felt like a lump on a log.  But now I am swimming with the dolphins in and with my spirit !!!!!!  It is such happy coincidence to have met both you and Elizabeth.

I have also shared with J the info that you shared with me in the tarot card portion of the read when you turned off the tape.
It has spawned really good juicy conversation and closeness with us.
I remain humbly grateful to you for having the integrity to "tell it like it
is ".  It was difficult to bring up the subject at first to but it was only into about mile 5 on the journey home when it just tumbled out.

But our relationship is like that.
We have been together since 1983 and married since 1991.
Lots of history.  Lots of practice. Lots of love as foundation.
But you were absolutely dead right on with your read of the current energy between us and how much it affects me.  Thanks again Terra and love to Elizabeth,
Love Kate

Rhea W. from Eaton Rapids, MI

I found Terra Hope's reading to be very helpful.  He is very attuned to the spirit guides and channels easily.  He gave me information that no one else knew of and the encouragement to follow thru with what needs to be done.  I truly look forward to putting his suggestions into practice.

Patti from Alabama

I think the reading was very intuitive I found that it affirmed by needs to follow my feelings.  The reading left me very calm and relaxed.  It will be interesting to see the outcomes that develop from a meditating and letting go more often.  The best is yet to be.

Thanks Patti

Andy M from Fl.


Just wanted to jot you a quick note before you forget who I am. I very much
enjoyed our exchange today. You are a very interesting individual. As I
packed my suit case for another wonderful week on the road - I threw in a travel candle. It's a start. 
Regards Andy

Rebecca from North Carolina

Dear Terra I so enjoyed our visit and reading together. Thank you for the tea and kindness. I did want to let you know that as soon as I got home, I called and made an appointment on 1-10-03 to take my Reiki class, and now, I am an initiated First Level Reiki Practitioner (on myself :}}  and will take the second class  30 days from the first class. Thanks for helping me achieve that goal, It was so comfortable in the class everything I have been studying for 7 years so it was truly the icing on the cake.   I flew through it with flying, huh?!!!! Lots of Love   Rebecca Jane       P.S.  I want to send you some real good tea I have tried, so I will get that  soon...Love, Becky

Jeremy B from Orlando, FL

Dear Terra & Elizabeth

Thank you so much for what I would consider a very important message and step for me spiritually.  I have known deep down what is to be but I am afraid I have been living with self doubt probably residual from my earlier battles.  This process of eliminating self doubt has begun and I Thank you Terra for your inspiration and for being instrumental in this change and the path I know I am destine to pursue.

Please let me know when you have began the meditation classes.  I am looking for property in Lake Helen/Cassadaga but for now will commute from Orlando when the opportunity calls.

Bright blessings to you both!


Kim P. from Dallas, TX


Thank you, thank you, thank you...

You may not recall me exactly but I feel like giving you a bit of an update.
You read my tarot cards and the "Judgment" card sent up a red flag causing
you to warn me about legal troubles.  Well- you were right!  Of course...
within one week my friend was put in jail for failing a drug test- thereby
violating his parole.  within one week from that, another good friend was
arrested.  Thankful for the guidance I sought from you. 
Thank you again.

Susan C. from Alabama


Thank you so much for the reading last Saturday. I had a lot confirmed and heard more when I listened to my tape. Enjoyed meeting you and Elizabeth and wish for you joy in whatever you decide to do.  Had an interesting thing happen day before yesterday around 1:00 in the afternoon. I got into my truck and the clock read 11:11 and stayed there a while. I know this time has significance for you and wondered if you or my spirits were trying to get through to me. Any thoughts? Thanks, Susi 


Erin M. from Ireland

This was my first experience and it was very peaceful.  I have a fuller feeling of knowing myself,  who I was and who I want to be.

Jackie J. from New York, NY

The reading was very good. Right On!  It gave me the light to see what I already knew but, could not accept.  He was warm and made you feel welcome and wonderful.

Uta B. from Austria

I have to know I must change my life now.  I will try because you have helped me see a new view. Thank you Terra Hope

Timothy J. from Boston, MA

Terra, my experience with you was intense.  I felt a strong spirit energy in your session.  It allowed me to release some of my own fears.  Thank you.

Mike B. from Minneapolis, MN 

Thank you for the reading you have given me.  The guides or angels account of my personality and emotions were right on target.  The next big step will be my own... with their guidance.  I will not hesitate this time.  Thank You

Yolanda F. from Orlando, FL

Thank You for being so helpful and helping me focus on myself. As a result of your reading I will focus on the areas of my life that need my attention. Thank You

Kim H. from Grand Rapids, MI

Terra Hope was very open and expressive to me. I really enjoyed my time spent with him. He answered many hard questions regarding my situations. Very impressive!

Donna S. from Atlanta, GA

I want to thank-you, I felt that you were so right on! I hope you are well, and I hope to get another reading from you again soon. Much love and happiness your way.

Mary W. from Jacksonville, FL

Thank you Terra Hope for your help and wisdom. Thanks for clarity on the road to peace.