September 21st - Ongoing| Please contact us for details
2012 Earth Changes - Class begins at 1:45pm every 1st and 3rd Sunday

(NEW!) Now Attend via WEBCAM!

Completely Interactive!

Limited Seating!!

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2012 Earth Changes Topics:
  • What are the earth changes coming?
  • Where will these changes be happening?
  • Will these earth changes be happening before the year 2012?
  • Will Earth 2 evolve from these happenings? Is Earth 2 the so called Christian heaven? Can we get there from here without dying? How does all this work?  How will it look and feel? Will I be able to return to visit my family on earth 1?
  • What are the steps to prepare for these upcoming changes?
  • What is consciousness? What are thoughts? How are thoughts used as the building blocks of tomorrow’s realities?
  • How does conscious open portals to other realms/dimensions?
  • How does ‘doing the work on the inside’ (meditations, projections, increasing sensitivity … ) change my reality on the outside?
  • How do you know if you are in the right place, right relationship, right occupation?
  • How does focus concentration of thought increase psychic abilities?
  • What do I do with all the empathic energy that is around me?
  • What is all-the buzz about a massive earth landing by the visitors?
Price: $20.00

1 Class via Online WebCam per person
(Requires WebCam and Headphones )

Price: $35.00

2 Classes Pre-Pay via Online WebCam per person (Discount)
(Requires WebCam and Headphones)

Price: $15.00
1 Class Onsite
Price: $30.00

2 Classes Pre-Pay Onsite

The company used to provide this web service charges a fee to us. This is why our web guests class cost is a little more than the onsite class cost.

*Please Note: To help offset this cost we are now offering our web guests a discounted Pre-Pay cost option for purchasing 2 classes at a time.


June 29th - August 10th| Please contact us for details
How To Move From 3rd to 4th Dimension - Class begins at 1:45pm each Sunday, Cost per class $15.00
Terrahope channels messages from the higher realms, personal journals are intuitively reviewed and discussed and techniques will be used to develop your psychic vibration.

May 4 - June 22nd| Please contact us for details
New Psychic Awareness Class - Class begins at 1:45pm each Sunday, Cost per class $15.00
Many different meditations ranging from guided meditations to tuning bowls begin each class with a peaceful platform to develop your psychic senses.


-Earth Change Awareness Lecture Series. Dates Posted Soon!
-We are currently booking new workshops at various locations. Dates Posted Soon!


Live Appearances | Please contact us for details
We will appear LIVE for your functions or gatherings.

Commercial Jingles | Please contact us for details
Short to medium length custom musical scores created for any commercial application. Custom website music is also available.

Movie Scores | Please contact us for details
Complete musical integration and musical scores for any type of film, play or feature performance. Also available for screenplays.