TerraHope Cassadaga Psychic, Channel, Cassadaga Medium & Beloved Spiritual Teacher

Terrahope is a clairaudient psychic medium and spiritual teacher located 35 minutes north of Orlando, Florida and 3 blocks north of the Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp. Terrahope is a unique psychic medium that has the ability to channel and communicate directly with your Angelic Guides and Ascended Masters. During the past 5 years Terrahope has enjoyed his time in Cassadaga and has performed more than 1,000 specialized Cassadaga psychic readings helping his clients to understand the why and purpose of their life's mission. Terrahope uses his body as a psychic medium to facilitate direct communication between the client's Higher Soul and the client. This practice of the "psychic getting out of the way" allows the physical manifestation of the soul entity to enter the medium's body directly. As a result, you, as the client, receive a more accurate psychic reading. "Client Experiences"

Terrahope has found his true calling as a Spiritual Teacher. It is in this realm where he empowers students to step beyond their personal fears by harmonizing with the radiating life energies of Prime Creator. Through Divine Presence all individual psychic abilities are expanded and all levels of manifestation are achieved. It is here, in the stillness of the moment where fear resolves to "inner knowing", where expectation becomes "surrender" and uncertainty births "peace".  Terrahope's never ending desire is to illuminate that path for all students so that they will remember the great beings of light that they truly are. "Classes"

For those of you who need immediate help with life problems such as "Moving through a divorce", "Finding your Life Purpose", "Attracting a Soul Mate", "Parenting Issues" or are seeking "Peace in your life",  Simply click on these links and it will take you directly to a channeled message on that specific subject. Or, if you would prefer you can email at or call 1-386-228-4040 to schedule an appointment.

Here between the pages of you will find channeled music that inspires and brings clarity of purpose. We are pleased to present a variety of styles including Reflective/Inspiring, Smooth Jazz, Sensual Latin Guitar, Native American, Inspiring Rap Music!

As we progress with our vision you will find a Meditation Center designed to burn away stress and to bring you to a tranquil point of peace. I thank you for coming and participating on the journey home to oneness. May the angel of joy be with you always. Peace be with you.



If Unable to Attend Online or Onsite Classes, Video Class Purchase Now Available!

Class Videos:
  • 2012 Earth Changes Class-(5)
    Clairaudient Psychic, and Channel Terrahope conducts a powerfully channeled meditation in which he asks each class member to use their sensory perception to see what may happen in 2009 via the US economy, Global economy and Earth Changes. The responses to this meditation are incredible!! Additionally, a healing excercise is conducted allowing each student to relate to several Reiki Masters individual techniques! (Video Excerpt)
  •  2012 Earth Changes Class-(4)
    Information is channeled regarding the last pieces of our failing systems within the economy and government. Messages are relayed that this is not a time to fear these earth changes, but a time to know the truth within ourselves! (Video Excerpt)
  • 2012 Earth Changes Class-(3)
    TerraHope channeled information from the Higher Realms on staying present and in the now as it pertains to all things each of us try to manifest in this life! (Video Excerpt)
  • 2012 Earth Changes Class-(2)
    This informative channel is absolutely captivating as Terrahope and the Higher Realms share with us specific earth changes, their location and how to prepare for these changes! (Video Excerpt)
  • 2012 Earth Changes Class-(1)
    This channeled video shares a powerful message that addresses the following topics: Why are Earth Changes happening? Where will they be occurring? When will they start/end?  How will these changes affect me directly?  What should I doing now to prepare for them? (Video Excerpt)

Video Channel of the Week:

  • Preparation for Earth Changes
    Terrahope and his Angelic Guides channel the weekly message. This enlightening channel spoke on how we can connect with the land. Additionally, the channel reveals how to communicate with the energies of growth. Both important fundamentals in the preparation for Earth Changes.

Music Videos:
  • "Peaceful Flow"
    Another beautiful Music video by Terrahope channeled by the Higher Realms!
  • "Summer Peace"
    Music video by Terrahope shot live outdoors in beautiful Lake Helen, Florida!


Video recitation by TerraHope

(NEW!) Book Excerpt!

The Truth And The Why Behind 2012
"Atlantean Prophesy and The Return of Connectedness"

This is the first excerpt from TerraHope's book The Truth and Why Behind 2012. This first excerpt explains the 'WHY' behind the need to have earth changes. There is additional information that discusses the 7 Races that seeded the first civilization of Atlantis.

View both the written AND video excerpt of TerraHope's new book excerpt (The Truth And The Why Behind 2012)


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2012 Earth Changes

Terrahope is a Spiritual Teacher. It is in this realm that he empowers students to step away from their personal fears. Individual psychic abilities are expanded in this way. It is Terrahope's never ending desire to illuminate this path for all students!

Come join us for our next class on the 2012 Earth Changes. Attend in person or online via Webcam! (Classes)

Psychic Readings:

Psychic Life Journey Readings & Spiritual Counseling

TerraHope channels information from the 'Higher Realms', then provides spiritual counsel on the information provided. Tough questions are answered during these Readings. As a result, the client receives the most unique and accurate reading! (Psychic Readings)

Or to Schedule a Psychic Reading Call 1-386-228-4040

Mp3 Spirit Channels:

(New!) Mp3 Channeled Angel Messages

Listen to FREE 10-15 minute snippets of Angelic Channels from the Higher Realm on such subjects as "Dealing with Divorce", "Finding your Life Purpose", and Attracting a Soul Mate"

Mp3 Music:

(New!) Mp3 Downloadable Music by TerraHope

Listen to beautiful channeled music in a multitude of styles! This music, written and performed by Terrahope, is meant to inspire and bring clarity of purpose!

We are pleased to present a variety of styles including Reflective/Inspiring, Smooth Jazz, Sensual Latin Guitar, Native American, Inspiring Rap Music!